Quokka is not a company, it is a dream that wants to quench the thirst of all those who believe that things can be done in a different way, much more sustainable and with more style. Of those who think that great results are achieved with small changes in our day to day.

We are proud of our brand and our designs, but even more so of being able to contribute to the use of reusable products, which reduce the use of plastics on a daily basis, with a product that adapts to our needs and our style.

This project, which began as that of a small group of enthusiasts in the center of Madrid, today can also be yours. Do we dream together?

At Quokka we are passionate about design but, above all, we seek that our products always have great functionality. In an environment as dynamic as the one we live in, hydration needs are very different, depending on the activity and the time of day. To adapt to this diversity, we use different materials to offer the best solution in each case.


Tritan has great resistance and durability, accompanied by crystalline transparency and a very light weight. These properties make it currently one of the materials most in demand by those who want to buy a new bottle.


The perfect point between design and quality is found in stainless steel: resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, easy to clean and one of the best thermal insulators, keeping the temperature of the liquid for longer! All while maintaining a design modern and sophisticated!


Our glass bottles are lightweight and highly impact resistant. For greater comfort and protection, they incorporate a non-slip silicone cover that covers the entire surface of possible blows and breaks. Perfect for the most cautious!


Resistant, light and flexible. A perfect material for our range of sportier bottles, without ever neglecting design and functionality.

With the purchase of a Quokka bottle you are acquiring a totally unique piece of design. All our bottles are patented and have been subjected to the necessary tests to be able to offer you the highest quality standards and comply with the European regulations of their category. Because Quokka is much more than a bottle, it is design and quality for your life

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