Children's lunch bags are accessories specially designed so that children can carry their meals and snacks safely and practically. These cases or bags are usually the right size to contain food such as sandwiches, fruit or other snacks, and are made with insulating materials that help maintain the temperature of the food for longer.

In addition to their practical function, children's lunch bags often have colorful and fun designs, with cartoon characters, animals or patterns that are attractive to children. They also usually have handles or adjustable straps to facilitate transport.

These lunch bags are ideal for taking to school, field trips, picnics or any activity outside the home, giving parents the peace of mind that their children can enjoy a nutritious meal anytime, anywhere. In addition, they promote the autonomy and responsibility of children by allowing them to bring their own food in an organized and safe way.

We have a wide variety of brands, both soccer teams, characters (Super Mario, Hello Kitty...), superheroes (Spider-man, Avengers, Batman...) and various fashion brands (Munich, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Benetton...)

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